i am mad at you for what you did to you'r family and i understand that you have brain damage and taking steriod's in you'r system i am not blamming you for this you were depressed and out of control and you decide to murder you'r wife and suffercate you'r own son and you commit suicide to take you'r own life and to hang yourself and when i die i will do the same thing that you did to you'r family i do have anger issue and i am out of control and i do take steriod's and i will like to commit suicide and to hang myself i do have brain damage you know that i am feeling chris beniot depressed you are not the only one is feeling that way i like to murder somebody and take my own life is not possible because i am not taking heavy drugs in my system i have a life and i have a family to take care of i go to work everyday and get paid and i am a celebrity i am a actress i go out of town and i don't suffercate my son in law is because he live's in edmotion he got a job and he have a life he is working as a dj he get's paid i am christalee leuschen sister in law

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