CM Punk, The First Champion Of 2012

1. CM Punk ( Won on November 20th, 2011 ) Defeated Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series. (WWE Championship)

2. Sheamus ( Won on April 1st, 2012) Defeated Daniel Bryan at Wrestmania XXVIII. (World Heavyweight Championship)

3. The Miz ( Won on July 23rd, 2012) Defeated Christian at Raw 1000. (Intercontinental Championship)

4. Antonio Caesoro (Won on August 19th, 2012) Defeated Santiago Morella at Summerslam. (United States Championship)

5. R-Truth + Kofi Kingston (Won on April 23rd, 2012) Defeated Primo + Epico on Raw Supershow. (Tag Team Championship)

6. Layla (Won on April 29th, 2012) Defeated Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules. (Divas Championship)

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